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Look for us on in the Kansas City area.
Allen Family Gourmet Mushrooms and Microgreens delivers every Thursday to the Kansas City and Surrounding Areas!!



We started out in early 2020 with the goal of supplying mushrooms to chef-driven and farm-to-table restaurants here in Kansas City. Unfortunately, our business, like so many others was brought to a screeching halt due to Covid.

We were fortunate enough to be in a position where we could stop growing our Mushrooms and wait out the pandemic. Sadly, none of the restaurant customers we had lined up made it through the shutdowns. 


Now that things are "mostly" back to normal we have returned.


After a summer at the Merriam Farmers Market we started getting our groove back and the Mushrooms are looking better than ever. We look forward to bringing you the very best in gourmet mushrooms and (at the suggestion of some of our Farmers Market regulars)  we have now added fresh Microgreens! 

Our Mushrooms are grown on a combination of natural hardwoods and locally sourced soy hulls in our climate controlled fruiting room right here in Kansas City, Kansas.

For growing our microgreens we rely only on Non-GMO seeds and 'OMRI certified' organic seedling soil to germinate them in a temperate growing environment to get the best tasting microgreens around.

Gourmet Mushrooms and Microgreens are now available for Delivery!.

Free delivery on all orders over $20.

Fresh Mushrooms

Our stock and types of mushrooms will vary from time to time depending on spawn availability and growing conditions. 

 Special pricing is available for restaurants and catering companies. Most special ordered Mushrooms will have a 4-16 week delivery depending on stock of spawn and strain growing time. If you are interested in regular orders of bulk amounts or a specific strain, contact us at

     When we started this foray into the fabulous world of fungus back in 2020, we did not know about the many health benefits of mushrooms (I just always liked eating them) but were we surprised. Mushrooms not only taste great, they are loaded with vitamins, minerals and other health benefits.


     Mushrooms are a rich, low calorie source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Adding mushrooms to your diet regularly may aid in lowering blood pressure, weight loss and boost your immune system. There are also ongoing studies into how eating Mushrooms as part of a regular diet may help in reducing the risk of developing serious health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. (source: WebMD)

Dried Mushrooms

Love mushrooms but not sure when you can get around to using them? Keep a bag of dried Mushrooms in your cabinet for adding to those soups and sauces!

     At last season's farmers market, we kept getting suggestions to grow Microgreens alongside our Mushrooms. I admit I knew very little about Microgreens and was not overly excited about the idea(or the extra work!). Finally, I broke down and ordered a few seed packets and supplies to see what the hubbub was all about. I still have not tried them in a "morning smoothie" as I'm not a smoothie person (or a morning person for that matter) but we started adding Microgreens to salads, sandwiches, soups and anything else we could think of (chopped broccoli and cress microgreens with a little garlic, lemon and melted butter on baked tilapia is awesome!).

     After doing a little more research, I discovered Microgreens are as good for you as Mushrooms and in some cases, even better.

     For those that do not know, microgreens are the plant stage between a sprout and a mature plant. They are richer in many minerals including potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper and essential amino acids and they often contain higher vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels than the same quantity of sprouts or mature greens. There are ongoing studies into how adding Microgreens regularly to your diet may aid in fighting and preventing Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, Diabetes and certain Cancers. (source:


Our stock of Microgreens will change from time to time based on demand. If you do not see what you are looking for and are interested in a specific microgreen, let us know and we will see about adding it to our listings.

Our Microgreens are harvested with 24 hours of delivery to ensure you receive the freshest most flavorful product out there. 

 Special pricing is available for restaurants and catering companies. Most special ordered Microgreens will have a 3-6 week delivery depending on seed stock and growing time. For inquiries contact us at

Trays & Sampler Packs

Love your Wheatgrass? Think about ordering a tray.

Not sure what to order, try a sampler.

Delivery Info/Instructions

     Delivery is now available within an approximate 15-mile radius of the I-70/I-635 interchange. Delivery to addresses North of I-70 will be on Saturday, South of I-70 on Sunday. Order cutoff time is Thursday midnight for Saturday delivery, Friday midnight for Sunday delivery.

The area covered and days of delivery may be subject to change in the future. Restaurant, Catering and large order delivery dates can be scheduled for your convinience. If you live outside our delivery area but in the Kansas City Metro or surrounding counties look for Allen Family Mushrooms and Microgreens on or visit us at the Merriam Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. We do not have a pickup site yet but are exploring several options.

Overnight shipping is available but is really pricey right now. Email us with the product(s) you are interested in and your address and we will get you a shipping estimate. Continental U.S. only.



     With summer upon us, there is the risk of your Mushrooms and/or Microgreens not liking the warm temps. We would ask that you place a cooler with an ice pack near your front door to help protect from the heat on delivery days so we may leave the order inside if no one is home. Items are individually packaged and will be delivered in a heavy brown paper bag (doubled up if it is really cold).

     In the event of inclement weather, we may move your delivery day in the interests of safety for our driver. Email notifications will be sent out (hopefully, weather permitting) 24 hours in advance letting you know the new delivery date.

     If you live in a gated community or apartment building or have dogs in your yard, please let us know of any special instructions for dropping off your order. An additional charge for redelivery may apply if we cannot access the property.

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